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A learning package specifically designed to support candidates of all abilities with the Royal College of General Practitioners AKT examination.

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AKT Preparation is designed to help GP Registrars prepare for RCGP AKT Examination. At this time there is a need to support candidates taking the rescheduled 2020 exams, at a time when we cannot run our face to face courses.

The aim is to provide a Blended Learning Platform, building on our 30 year experience of providing MRCGP examination preparation courses, initially with the Yorkshire Faculties of the RCGP and now with NW and Cumbria.

Blended Learning combines online written and video materials, self-study workbooks and interactive webinars, together with small group or one to one support through video conferencing, webchat and email as needed.

We will help you to learn strategies to maximise your performance in the exam including identifying the key learning resources for Clinical Medicine and Organisational topics and how to use these most efficiently. We do not provide our own reworked materials for clinical medicine as we consider it is best to learn direct from definitive sources for these areas.

AKT Preparation will particularly focus on Evidence Interpretation providing you with a range of materials, video, instructional workbooks, interactive webinars, combined with small group and individual support as needed. We have included evidence interpretation materials reflecting the Covid 19 era.

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“Today, I found out that I have passed my AKT with 77.5% which was basically a 12% increase in my score from last time. (I had failed the AKT twice before).  I actually scored 80% in stats which is quite something as my score last time was 50% !!

I just want to really pass on my thanks to all of you – this course was unbelievably helpful and I believe mostly responsible for my high scores.  Your statistics teaching was 1st rate and you had such a fabulous way of explaining things and also with provision of the workbooks which for me, was the most useful learning tool.  I cannot thank you enough for your excellent teaching, help and guidance.  I will certainly be recommending your course and website to my PD’s and other GP trainees”.

AKT User , August 2020

“The programme you’ve set up really was helpful. Loved the way you broke it all down in to simple easy to understand digestible chunks. All the EBM made so much more sense than when I tried to learn it the first time round.” 

AKT User, August 2020

“I passed my AKT this time around and I’m sure Neal would be pleased to know that I got 90% in the EBM section. But I think even more importantly, when I came to cover the topics you were teaching just before the exam, I found for the first time, that it was easy to recall and all the practice questions I did, I answered correctly. I found that completing the workbooks just after the video series really helpful too. In the past, I’ve pretty much had to teach myself it all over again. So thank you so much for all your help.” 

AKT User, August 2020
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Neal Maskrey - AKT Preparation

Professor Neal Maskrey was a general practitioner in Yorkshire for 20 years and has developed, delivered and supported MRCGP preparation courses continuously since 1991. In a 44-year career (and still counting) he worked for North Yorkshire Health Authority developing primary care, was an early editor of Clinical Evidence (BMJ Publications), and then spent 14 years as a director of the National Prescribing Centre and Programme Director of the Medicines and Prescribing Centre at NICE. He is now Visiting Professor of Evidence-informed decision making at Keele University and recently completed a project at the University of Amsterdam developing a performance feedback programme for dentists in 6 European countries (funded by an EU research grant). His current work includes developing and evaluating programmes to support decision making in consultations, developing patient decision aids for NHS England, and in improving self-awareness of the processes of decision making by both health care professionals and patients.

Nick Price - AKT Preparation

I am a former GP Trainer, TPD for the Bradford GP Training Scheme, Clinical Lecturer at Leeds University, and Education Lead for the White Rose Faculties of the RCGP. I starting teaching on the Yorkshire MRCGP preparation course in 1998 whilst studying for my MSc in Medical Education. I have extensive experience in supporting trainees who have struggled with this exam and aim to find ways to use new media to do this in the post COVID-19 era.

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